September 2K7

Thursday 27/09/2007

I'm not sure if it's me becoming a sentimental old Fool, but it seems that Hip Hop died together with 2Pac...let's pour out some digital liqour for our dead homies...

Of course sometimes it's all just nuthin' but a G thang!

And in case you forgot, we've got the Jazz!

But even without the Jazz, today was a good day...

And oh yeah, Fuck tha Police!

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Monday 24/09/2007

Sometimes TV is so bad, it makes you want to throw up...but usually that happens when you're watching TV, not making it, hehe :)

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Sunday 16/09/2007

It's my Birthday today, yay!

Well, my Flickr-Birthday that is, it's been
one fabulous year since I've joined the worlds
best photo-sharing site and I'm still a big fan :)

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me!!!

And now back to the News...

You call that News?!

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Tuesday 11/09/2007

Today 6 years ago, the unthinkable happened...and we still don't know what really went down that tragic, sad day...

Unanswered Questions
Cooperative Research
Public Action
Here is NY
Stand Down
Attack on America
Feral News
Investigation 77
9-11 Timeline
9-11 Index
911 Exposed
9-11 Sites
Cosmic Penguin
9-11 Research
911 for the Truth
Stranger than Fiction
September Eleventh
Community Currency
911 Digital Archive
911 Citizens Watch
CNN 911 Transcripts
Let's Roll 911
911 In Plane Site
911 News&Analysis
911 Truth
NY 911 Truth
Deception Dollars
911 Dossier
September 11 Tribute
September 11 News
Reopen 9-11
Debunking the 9-11 Myths
9-11 Commission
The 9-11 Tapes
German Engineers help the USA
Loose Change
Loose Change Guide
Screw Loose Change
Screw Loose Change Video
9/11blimp Videos
9/11 Busters
9/11 Sites
9-11 The Israeli Connection
911 Myths
911 Physics 911 Dossier
9-11 Review
Planning of the September 11 Attacks
9-11 Commission Report
Bombing the WTC

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Saturday 08/09/2007

Last weekend the lovely Miss L&Mr. N had their wedding party in Amsterd@m and we figured it would be cool to bring them there by boat...that was the first mistake...due to complex circumstances the Sailor-crew suffered a major loss and the Groom himself had to manually assist with the gas-adjustment in the back of the boat, while the pretty bride was sipping champagne...

Happy shiny People :)

We started off by ramming into a wooden construction (Sorry Mr.J!), not causing any serious damage, but giving the trip an undeserved, 'interesting' twist already before it had even started properly...

That's 'interesting' in the chinese sense!

Once we were moving, things seemed fine for a moment, the happy couple drinking champagne, floating through the canals, only a tiny bit of rain covering us in a wet layer, when the engine stopped working and would not come back to live anymore....

Rain rain go away, please come back another day!!!

After trying for some time to re-animate it, floating in the middle of an inner city canal, we realized that the couple would be late for their own Party, so we stopped several boats and asked them if they could bring us to the side of the canal, so that at least the brides people could get back on the safe land and find alternative means of transportation to the festivities...

That's a gay boat!

Once we found nice folks that didn't mind dragging us behind their boat, we managed to unload the bride&groom and they made their way to the party, while I convinced the other boats captain that it would be a swell idea to give me a lift through major parts of the city, back to the parking space of my boat...they didn't want to at first, but then did it anyway, and they wouldn't even except the 10 euros I offered them as a little compensation for ruining their evening as well....Thanks again Dudes!!

May you have a long, happy Life together!

It's good that people usually only get married once in their life ;-P

May you have a long, happy Life together!

P.s. When Peter and me went to pick up the happy couple, we had all this decoration on the boat and signs in the back that proudly announced that we were 'Just married', which has a whole different meaning here in the gay capital of the world ;-))

That's a gay boat!

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Monday 03/09/2007

Today something really stoopid happened to me...

I was doing my wicked photo thing this morning, making the best use of the puddles from last nights rain, and todays sunrise, happily reflecting away when the Police came...!!!! and asked me what I was doing!!!


After my initial horror, shock&awe, I managed to blurt out 'I'm taking photos'...the older cop said 'Uh-huh, taking a puddle?!' so I walked over to show the MoFo that I was REALLY kneeling in front of a puddle because I'm shooting reflections...

Beautiful  :)

He liked the shots and let me go without arresting me for not having my bike-lamps on (Ok, it was broad day light, but such details usually don't stop our fine force from ticketing you anyway, this weekend a guy got a 75 euro fine for falling asleep on a park bench...and he was a respectable, yet sleepy citizen, not a bum!)...


The copper told me he thought I was scooping up&drinking water from the puddle (with my freakin' mobile phone?!) and I asked him 'What IF I'd been drinking from the puddle? I don't think that's illegal!'...he just mumbled something to himself, speeding off in his car to get donuts, ehm, sorry, to serve&protect this city from scum like myself...and he was in such a hurry to get away that he didn't even see the bum sleeping in a door-way right next to his car ;-P

So, how was your monday?! :-))

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