September 2K4

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Hey there, September has officially been declared the Month to Have-it-your-way, the rules are very simple, yet efficient:

Don't like Prezident Bush? Make your own Version !

Don't want to search with Google? Use Toogle!

Don't like 5-D-Super-Realistic PC Games? Try Turbo Tanks!

Don't like Mr.Bush's October Surprise? Think up a better one!

Don't like the Color Palette? Make your own!

Don't like your iTunes being trapped on your iPod/Mac? Let them Free!

Etcetera, Yadayada, and so on, you get the dig in, and help making the World a Place you'd actually want to spend some Quality-Time in!

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September 11, 2004:

It's been 3 Years since the most traumatizing Experience of Generation X, and still we don't know what really happened!

And as scary and mind-boggling as that seems, the way things are looking, it's not exactly gonna get much better in the near future!

To help you fully appreciate the current Events, here's a Re-link to some Books worth reading:

(633 Kb/PDF)

Brave New World
(239 Kb/PDF)

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Hey, Deja-vu:
September starts with a mindnumbing Heatwave...ah, well, never mind!

Did you sign up for your free iPod yet? As you saw on the Startpage, we've just received the latest Model in Space-Blue in the Mail yesterday, Fotoproof should be enough to convince the last doubting Soul out there that it's the real Deal!

Bored of the sanitized version of the Iraq-War they show on TV? Here's some Inside Graphical Material to cheer you up, those People look already mighty liberated to our untrained Eyes :)!

Another thing to put a happy Smile on your face, is surely the stolen Home-Pron-Video of croatian Singer and Star Severina Vuckovic, that you can download with the usual Suspects any time of the Day for free!

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