October 2K5

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Indian Summer in Amsterdam

Aaah, Oooh...

That's just beautiful!

Nice one!



Right on!

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We've told you about our good Friends from the dutch Hip-Hop Formation Bronput already last Year, but now there are interesting new Developments.

The Kweekster

Kweek5R, the Brain behind Bronput, is coming with a Solo-Project, to spoil you with more funky NederHop!

And of course you heard about it first on good old now run, tell all your Friends, and their Friends and their little Sisters too :) !

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Stop Browsing, start Flocking!

Fuck Google, use Baidu
(Tip: Try the MP3-Search, this is China, no fucking RIAA anywhere to be seen, probably too busy smoking Opium)!

If you should happen to come across some of Lil' Kim's Songs, don't forget to send her a Postcard to Jail!

She's not that Lil, really!

Since behaving rude, loud and ignorant is such a fashionable way of life nowadays, with a heartfelt 'Fyah fi yu' we dare all of you Battybwoyz, Bowkyatz, Bidonistas, Pétasses and Mings out to there to follow us on our Journey into the dark World of Online Swearosauruses, Buzzword-, Random Bar Joke-, Random Cocktail-, Pimp Name-, Rap Star Name- and Insulting Nickname-Generators, that will try to eat your little, eternal Soul!
Damn, your Soul sure looks funny, Mister!

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Please join the growing Ranks of The Pete Collective! Or get yourself a Krappy Guitar! And then you can go and live by the 3 Second Rule, because I don't like you in that Way, not even with your brand-new Pimp Name, but it's not like we're trying to Insult You!

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Summer is over, get them big, bulky Clothes from the Attic and prepare for some serious sitting by the Fireplace on fluffy Rugs, with hot Chocolate and good Books, lots of free Smut, and to top it off, some World-Domination!

They WILL dominate you!

Mmmhhhh, Winter...


If you still know somebody who needs a Gmail-Invite, tell them to send us a Mail, we've just discovered another couple of dusty Boxes full of them in the Basement, there seems to be a Nest somewhere down there!

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