October 2K4

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Oh no, they're doing it again...!

Could it really be that the Americans are repeating their mistakes and have the whole wide World suffer at their hands for another 4 years? Could anybody be so insane as to believe that he'll do any better then the last 4 years? It hurts to watch, without being able to slap some sense into their heads, but rather wait to become the victim of their next lashing out into the world if they consider you opposed to 'Freedom' and 'Democracy' American-Style...

But then, it seems as if they're not the only ones losing it big time, yesterday the controversial, obnoxious, irritating, yet beloved Filmmaker Theo van Gogh was murdered in Amsterdam in broad daylight, in the middle of the street by some marrocan Islamist Madman who stabbed and shot him over some movie he'd made a while ago about the intolerance of the islamic Community...oh the Irony!

As one shocked Dutchie said on TV last night:
"If we start killing the Artists, this Country is lost"

We're afraid he might be right...

Theo, we'll miss you and your Big Mouth!

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3 more Days to go...

Since Osama decided to offer his Opinion about the hot Phase of the US Elections, we figured it might be worth another try from our side, to tip over some undecided Voters, to ensure an Outcome more likely to preserve Life on this Planet for the foreseeable Future!

Let's start by asking some serious questions about Mr.Bush, like, is he wired and listening to some shady Puppetmaster!? After all he's not SuperDubya, capable of doing everything Evil in this World all by himself!

Maybe downloading 'Fahrenheit 9/11' for free, and educating yourself about his little Helpers is a good Idea, no!? Like free Movies? Here's more!

Another bothersome fact about Mr.Bush is his record on fighting Terrorism...not!

But surely there are really Evil Terrorists, out there trying to kill, like, Everybody who loves that good old Freedom, right?!?

It does not seem too smart either to accuse others of Flip-Flopping while that obviously is your own favourite work-out routine!

But don't take our word for it, after all we're just from the Old Europe and the Prezeldent won't even have us on his Website !
Let Eminem convince you :) !

Don't like Rap? Then have a Piece of Yellowcake to get your common sense started! Even Republicans can't vote for the Guy anymore without feeling guilty, LOL!

Still the Boogeyman continues to play his Tune...maybe it's about time you People reclaim Democracy, or we're all gonna witness just another mindboggling Instance of VoterGate next Tuesday!

So here's one last piece of advise, to avoid having us all Bushflashed:
It would be an amazingly easy solution if all Americans would simply vote for this Candidate!

Or you could just

And while speaking of Outsiders to the Race, ever noticed how Ralph Nader isn't ever mentioned anymore, even by the Sources most sympathetic to his Cause...the poor Guy must be feeling really lonely these days!

Thank you for your time, now go out there and make a Difference!

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The Day Superman died...

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It seems as if there's no need for an actual Election anymore, the Winner is already known!

Below we've posted a Link to a Website giving a drastical graphical overview of the Case God vs Bush, but it seems the Author of that page jumped to Conclusions too soon... they're in rather close, personal Contact!

I guess it was also God who told George I. to come up with an american version of Concentration Camps...which brings us back to the question what might happen that could prevent actual Elections from taking place in the Land of the Free!

Oh, and it seems as if all this continued, international Bush-Bashing has upset some sensible Souls in the new World!

Last but not least, the REAL Reason for the Iraq-War!

Oops, sorry, this just came in in, actually this is the REAL Reason for the Iraq-War! Be sure to order your Smart Room before it's too late!

P.s.: Sorry George! That probably throws you right into the Abyss of being just another deluted, dumbwitted, father-fearing, dry-drunk, coke-snorting, crazy-ass Motherfucker hearing Voices...shouldn't you be locked up or something!?

Or at least in England? Seems they're even crazier then you are!

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We here at are seriously terrified by the thought of having to face another 4 years of

So we've decided to put together some encouraging information, to help tip our friends overseas in the right direction. And now, we'd like to proudly present (Drumroll):

The AmsterS@m-Save-Democracy-Links:
The White House
The President
Billionaires for Bush
God vs Bush
Babes against Bush
Bush and his Puppet
Black Box Voting
The Diebold Memos
Outfoxed Interviews
Outraged Moderates
Too stupid to be President
Michael Moore

To avoid seeming too biased, here are some links that'll help you to come to a fair and balanced decision:
Vietnam Vets agains Kerry
Babes for Kerry

Hope that's enough to make them understand that THEY
can't get away with it this time! But wait, what's THAT!?! Ah, well, never mind, I guess it all doesn't really matter, now does it!?

Maybe it helps being

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Don't have a Gmail Account yet, but still want one? Check out the Gmail Invite Spooler!

You like raw Violence but get easily bored and can't stand watching that Iraq-Mess anymore? Watch Mount St.Helens blow off some Steam!

If you are American and yet undecided who to vote for next month, go here and listen to the Voices of other freedom-loving Citizens of the US of A to help you make up your mind!

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4 more Weeks!

Even Babies don't like the Man anymore, give the Ketchup-Boy a Chance!

Oh no, wait, it wasn't 4 Weeks!

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