October 2K3


Wow, here were are, a few beautiful, event-filled, Indian-Summer-Style-Weeks later, November and the Christmas-Season are coming closer with supersonic speed, and you might be wondering why the page hasn't changed much since the beginning of the month, and here's why:

That fucking Mouse came with a Family and it took me some time and quite desperate measures including Lifetraps, Killertraps, Mouseglue, Sounddevices, and last but not least oral Opinion-Polls regarding Pestremoval in the extensive AmsterS@m-Acquintances-Circles to remove them from the sunny AmsterS@m-Penthouse and restore Peace&Order on the Premises.

Meanwhile, elsewhere the World kept turning and twisting and doing it's Thang...some even took the time to mess with the Internet-Thugs who try to cash in on your Identity!

P.s.:Send an E-Mail to AmsterS@m ! Send me a Picture of the first,ridiculously early and way-to-preseasonly sold Christmas-Stuff you can find in your local Stores, I'm planning on defacing the whole Christmas-Charade once and for all in the near Future on this Website, unless the Santa-Connection bribes me with lots and lots of generous Gifts, Vouchers and Swiss Chocolate to keep my dangerous knowledge under Wraps as to protect the innocent Souls and Hearts of the Children and Feeble-minded!


Ok, it's October, and this one started his Reign of Terror with some serious loads of Rain, not to mention the 13th-Germany-Reunification-Celebration, can't tell which one bothers me more.

What really occupied my Mind today though was the little Mouse, that had decided to share the AmsterS@m-Penthouse-Mansion with the human Inhabitants a few weeks ago. Too bad for her she showed her tiny, hairy Snout in public before the official AmsterS@m-Bed-Time and therefor provoked strict, straigh-up Action!

I tried the Old-School-break-ya-neck-Traps first but she was too smart for that, the Mousecommunity probably has Internet too and warns about common issues like that with the Inter-Mammal-Societies...what she didn't expect though was the Mouse-Glue-Paper next to the Trap, attracting her Attention with huge Chunks of finest Dutch Cheese, while diverting her Focus from the brute-force-Trap.

This House just isn't big enough for all of us my little permed Friend, so out you go, sorry about that, maybe if you'd have learned to evolute your ugly, hairless Tail into a nice, bushy, fluffy one like Hamsters did, I might've kept you!