November 2K5

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Welcome to Iraq!
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Yeah, yeah, it's not Monday anymore, but it's still raining, not that it matters, it just perfectly illustrates the Mood of the AmsterS@mster at the moment...and if he had his Will, it'd be raining Stones and Frogs onto all these unworthy Meatheads, causing all these bad Vibrations.

The only Thing that might help now, is of course the good old automatic Flatterer...but don't worry, I'll be back in a bit because all this is not just happening by Accident!

Speaking of which, we told the Peeps at Cityhall a couple of times now, it's freakin' AmsterSam, Idiots! It's probably the right Time to go and Kill Bill...ehm, Bill's Browser, that is! You ask 'Why'? Here are a couple thousand good Reasons!

Not bad, not bad at all!

Can't they just pull themselfs together and feed the World instead?

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So, it's Monday, it's raining, why does God hate us so much? Or is this simply his misunderstood Crusade against evil Shrimps? Oh, wait, our bad, God loves you, but he does hate Sweden, and America...and Janks...and Fags...and Figs and he even seems to hate Christians and God!

This is sooo confusing...

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Everybody & his Dog got a Blog these Days, talking about things like, cooking Aliens, going on Gun Runs, wearing Tin-Foil-Hats and spoiling Everything for Everybody else, while naming their Kids after just doesn't seem right!

Oh, yeah, and offering a Blowjob to whoever does your Laundry, makes us want to grow long Beards and move to Afghanistan!

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Theo R.I.P.
Theo, you old Goatfucker-Hater, we miss you!

It's cold outside, Winter is coming, but at least there's still lots of free Smut, the new Kweek 5 R Website and a healthy Portion of World-Domination out there, for those of us lucky enough to be alive!

They WILL dominate you!

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