November 2K3


Just 3 more Days and the bald Statement below will be true...once again :) !


Thank God it's Friday :) !

And while others get sued for millions of dollars, AmsterS@m still offers the incriminating Fotos of the famous C.D. in the nude, for free, right here :) !


Downloads of the Day:

George Orwell

Aldous Huxley
'Brave New World'


Can you feel those cold, lonely Winternights sneaking up into your otherwise perfect Life? Not to worry though, just surf over to my good Friend Peter's Site and get that Heartwarming feeling that you're not alone on this planet, and one of those days you're gonna wake up next to one them virtually rendered Superwomen as well..happy Cyberhumping :) !

And while I'm at it anyways, read up on the Pussyfication of us western Men to find out why we can barely take it up with computergenerated Girls, let alone 'real' Women :) !

P.s.: Does that mean that 'non-western' Men are the last real Men? Don't think so!

P.p.s.: Since you're all soft inside and totally sensitive and open for suggestions and initiatives to enhance that Women-ish Lifestyle of yours, here's something to get you case you're an old-school, all-hairy, violent, dumb-ass Trailertrash Dimmwit like me, you'll probably appreciate this instead (not safe for work! :)

Does that Backgroundimage get you all angry and ready to attack somebody totally unrelated to the cause of your anger? Tell me about it !
Send an E-Mail to AmsterS@m !


...3 days later, is back online, after having had the stupid idea of replacing a leeched file with another, funny (yet, physically bigger) file to show them Suckers that they can't mess with the S@mster (see below)

But instead of messing with their minds, within hours was blocked and forced off the Net by an overeager SysAdmin, who afterwards claimed having sent warning emails about blocking the Domain
(if he sent them through his own shitty Mailservice I can figure out why I never received them :)
without a reply or reaction whatsoever from our side (very likely Scenario, Dude)...

Anyways, we're back online and trying to figure out what the lesson is that can be learned here, except that Leechers are bloodsucking, Mum-humping, brainless Individuals that should be given the special 'Baghdad' Treatment every now and then :) !


Hahaha, I just discovered something really annoying, this stupid dutch game site has been leeching my most beautiful, favourite Flashgame

The Chopper

without even bothering to ask if I'd like them to consume up my bandwith or adding a tiny textlink to my page or just mentioning the name,, where such and similar great games can be found for free.

So I just went and renamed the original file and placed it into another directory to replace the file they tried to steal with something more observing and less war-inspiring :)! You can watch it live&in full effect if you go here and click on 'Behendigheid' and then go to page 4 and look for 'Helikopterspel'...they even had the nerve to add a little something like this

Bad Leechers, bad...of course I'm still paying for the Bandwith, but I guess having them display a 1984-NWO-critical Message (since the Dutch are massively supporting the war in Iraq and take any other chance to suck up to anything remotely american-looking) is still better then to just let you see my 404!


Ok, here's what People think about 'The Matrix Revolutions':

"I thought the second movie was pretty bad, but many people who liked that movie thought this one was horrible with no real plot and a lot of filler violence that didnt seem very original. Rumor even had it that Keanu wasnt in most of the movie since he could tell how bad it was going to be"...

"Towards the end of The Matrix Revolutions, one of the film's minor characters expresses precisely what many in the audience are feeling "It doesn't make any sense" he says."And he is right....

"No-one really expects sequels to be better than the original, but Matrix Revolutions is a crushing disappointment in almost every way"...

"I came, I saw, I despised"...

Mmmmhhhh, I guess I better go and check it out myself, no Movie can be THAT bad, right!?!

Oh no, Kim is missing! I wonder if that has anything to do with the Recordcontract that that 'My-name's-50-Cent-I-got-shot-so-I'm-a-Rapper-2-Guy' got from Eminem and Dre?

I mean, obviously he didn't get it for his 'Rapping Skills'...(I can't even write that without brackets, my Fingernails are rolling up and refuse to get anywhere near the Keyboard when I even consider mentioning that Bullet-riddled Carcass, making a Fortune off other Peoples Success)...Columbo, investigate!

He could be hiding her in one of his fake Biceps's!


Just 2 more Days! I do have to admit though, I don't expect 'Revolutions' to make my Jaws drop like the first Part of this Menage-a-trois, maybe it's because the first one was so Mind-bending that nothing can impress much after that..!?!

I know they say it's been planned to be a whole Series, but I'm not sure that that's not just another Salespitch, after having found enough paranoid People on this planet who thought there might be a chance, we actually could be some supercomputers batteries...

Well, I'm waiting for the 6-DVD-plus-24Hours-Bonusmaterial-packed-Collectors-Edition-Platinum-Box to come out, I'm even too lazy and dazed to go and watch it on the big Screen


Wanna know what's going on in New York but are too lazy to go there? Then check out the page of Paul Katcher, he's got lots of interesting news and flashy pictures from the Big Apple.

If you travel on a smaller Scale but still want to interact with the Onlineworld, try this!


Brrrrr, freaking cold out there, they say it's been the coldest October in many Years, and I believe them..!

Following that hottest Summer ever, it seems just like a logical step to start the next Ice-Age right here, in beautiful, good old Europe!

P.s.: Did you buy Presents for your dear and loved ones already? Don't get hung up in that Last-Minute-Downtown-Rush again, you know you'll end up with those stoopid Crap-Gifts you wouldn't want to find under your own Tree!