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Bored? Sunday-Blues? Here's something to waste your time with:

...I forgot what I was talking about...Oh yeah, Laura and CNN. Well, while I was watching Wolf Blitzer and thinking how I should make him my Man Secretary of Defense, this Frederica lady came on. She was really purdy so I decided to do it fast while she was on the air. I really went to town. I was going so fast that my hand was a blur. It was like I was the Bruce Lee of touching myself. Laura walked in just as I was beginning to finish. That scared me, so I jumped up and knocked over the head statue thingy of Herbert Hoover that I like so much and squirted my man juice everywhere...

hear it from Mr.President himself!

And another Classic:
Not my Desk
Seems that Chris is back online!

And Yes, the 404-Entry-Page did disturb some of the Regulars, but oh, well..!

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Alright, alright, seems that most of you are visiting this Website via one or the other 'Libby Hoeler' Searchrequest, your sticky, hairy Hands scratching your huge, bulky, balding Foreheads wondering 'Where Pron...where Libby...why seeing not Libby dancing...must seeing Libby...will kill AmsterS@m..hiding sweet Libby from I...'yadayada, etc, and so on.

To prevent you from overheating and stressing out, here they are, extracted with huge efforts from the endless AmsterS@m-Link-Page, just to pleasure you, the Top-2-Libby-Hoeler-Links:

The Libby Hoeler Tapes
(Zipped Files for Download)
The Libby Hoeler Tapes Backup
(Online Player for Real-Time Wanking)

You're welcome!

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AmsterS@m said WHAT about me on his stupid, old, lame-ass Website? That I don't even look at my Fans? Then watch me hug the uglies Motherfucker around, while being surrounded by hot, dripping wet, little Baby-Barbies!!
I don't go to that stupid Website, like, ever!!!
Yeah, that's him!!!
Check out the old Guy checking out Matt's Butt :) !
Again no Brad Pitt, no George Clooney, check back tomorrow!

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Hands up, Buster, or I'll give it to ya!
Beautiful Sunshine is ruling the Country, Amsterdam looks better then ever, and the Icecream tastes delicious again, Summer here we come!!!
Let there be Sunshine!
Greetings to Kaikotje, welcome Home!
Biertje :) ?!

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Happy Days, my Main-Man from da Mainland is back, the Ham-Star, criss-crossing over, all the Way from Cali again, bringing lots of good Vibes but not BIG S@m, more Meatlollie for you then I guess :)) ! And, as usual, all of this is just some more Stoopid Shit

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Well, didn't get to see Brad or George, but at least I had a Peak at Matt Daemon when he returned to the Hotel after a long Day!
Hey Matt, please don't look at or talk to your Fans, just rush inside and ignore us, that's cool, it's not like we're waiting for you anyway, where the Hell is Brad Pitt??!!
Just because you didn't want to look at us, I won't bother to go and google your stupid last name and correct the typo upstairs!

And here's that black Actor Guy who I first thought was Mos Def or Common, or another Rapper, but he's somebody else, I've seen him in Movies, but can't remember which ones...always a good sign for convincing Acting, isn't it :) ?!?
Yo, Mos Def-Lookalike, I've got all your Albums :) !
It seems that the Image of the 'Boy with Pipe' on the Startpage is seriously disturbing to some Visitors...well, maybe it's the nausiatic Realization that you'll never have the kind of Money it takes to put something that irritating into your private Collection!? But don't worry, as usual, it'll be rotated into Oblivion very soon, and replaced by something more Mind-friendly!

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Just stumbled out of the local Grocerystore, loaded with the necessary Champagne, Blinis and Caviar to ensure a feisty, festive Weekend in the AmsterS@m-Mansion when my Attention was diverted to the Mainroad by lots of car-honking, and what I saw made my Jaws drop and caused my Brain in coorporation with my Tongue and Mouth to utter a spontanious 'Fucking Hell, Taliban!'!!

Which earned me a stern, serious look from the Racism-fearing dutch Person standing and staring next to me, but I just couldn't help it and am quite convinced that he thought the same and just had the courtesy not to speak it out loud.

Well, what we saw were Trucks loaded with bearded, turbaned, flag-waving, Taliban-style dressed (dare I say it? Yes!:) Osamas (!) praying and chanting over Speakersystems installed on the back of the Cars, that seemed to have jumped out of the daily CNN News about Resistance and Muslim-Radicals in Afghanistan or Iraq, ok, minus the AK-47's and the RPG's but still, wow, what a sight early in the Day!!!

Of course a couple of cars later, it simply turned out to be a harmless Wedding Company, crossing into the Citycenter in traditional oriental Style, with Cars burried under Flower- and Balloonarrangements, so nothing to worry about, please have a Seat, keep walking, nothing to see here, move along, will ya...!?!

Oh, and 'J', if you read this:
I'm coming in, keep that Windowseat clear, thanks a million, Dude :) !!! And if I'm lucky, I'll meet Brad Pitt, George Clooney or Julia Roberts on my way there, they are in Amsterdam to shoot 'Oceans Twelve' and live in the Amstel-Hotel that is surrounded by Fans and Paparazzi Day&Night :) !

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Thursday, April 29th 2004, 22:22, my Neighbor is getting busted for having a Weedplantation...please read up the Rest of the Story in the Archive, including Fotos!!

On the Fotopage you'll find the Shots of yesterdays Queensday, seems that the Spell of K.B. from M. in D. has been broken by the couragous mental Morality and supportive Superiority of the AmsterS@m-Visitors, for the first time in 3 years it has been sunny and summerish on Q-Day, regardless of the official Weatherforcasts and rain-stained Thursday...or maybe those Royals simply really do have a connection to the BIG Guy upstairs!?!

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