March 2K6

Friday 31/03/2006
Please don't forget, the Planting-Season has started ;) !

Oooh, they're sooo cute!

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Thursday 30/03/2006
Friday the 31st, Bas wants all Amsterdam Party People to join the latest Edition of the funky fresh Street Beatz! This time the Location is Studio 80 on Rembrandtplein 17!

Who's your Daddy?!
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Friday 24/03/2006
My good Friend Peter invites all of you Surfers out there to come and insult him! Just go to the Post-Section he's set up for this specific purpose and hit him with all you give you some starters, he's suffering from a severe God-Complex and looks like something even the Cat refused to drag in after a long night of Dumpster-Diving! I won't put up a Picture of his sorry Fuckface, as it would make your Monitor crack and blow up :) ! I've started off a new Topic already for your Convenience, feel free to join me in kicking his hairy, huge, white, old Ass online!
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Thursday 23/03/2006
The Sun is shining happily, it's still freaking cold, but it seems that Spring is indeed slowly pushing it's way into our frozen Lifes, yay again for Spring :) !

Last night Mr.G and your humble Reporter, the S@mster, played a funky Mix of speedy Music together with Miss Fee on her weekly Web-Radioshow to celebrate her Birthday, she sure looks not a Day older then 18! Happy Birthday to you Miss Feelixxx!

The mighty Amsterdam Policeforce has started cracking down massively on the local House-Squatter Scene for days now, removing them from all the empty Buildings they're trying to put to a new use, after they were being neglected and held in an artifical state of decay by their Owners for years (the Buildings, not the Squatters :)

Way to go Politie, your Sticks look huge and powerful, you're true Heros of the People! And stop circling over the City with your Choppers all the time, I always think it's the Swallows returning to announce the approaching Summer, only to be disappointed when I realize it's the fucking 'Ghetto Bird' again!
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Monday 20/03/2006
Tomorrow is the big Day, it's Spring, yay :) !
Today is the Zoulmans Birthday, all the best Wishes from good old Amsterdam! Enjoy the Party Big Boy!
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Sunday 19/03/2006
D ear Monkey-Girl, stop playing with that Car, that ain't Monkey-Business!


2 more Days and it's Spring!
But for now it's still freezing cold, so just stay inside and learn How to dance like a white Guy! Or you could try to find out if this is you! Maybe you prefer to help to Stop Elmer Fudd? Or go the extra Mile and help Killing Everyone!
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Thursday 16/03/2006
AmsterS@m is going Hollywood!
My dear friend Mr.Fonkio has Masterminded a Multimedia-Movie that will be shown in the HvA next week monday in a special Room with several Beamers, the Viewer can interactively decide what the Persons in it will do and how it's been Tons of Fun making it (there are Drugdeals, Carcrashes, Lovescenes, etc.) and it should be even cooler to view it and create your own personal version of it!

It's just Flour!

If you can guess where the S@mster is in the Fotos, you win a free Gmail Account ;) ! Most of the Shots were taken by yours truly, as their names already strongly indicate!

Wednesday 15/03/2006
Just 6 more Days until Spring...and it's getting colder every Day!


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Wednesday 08/03/2006
Dear MonkeyDogGirl, it's been a pleasure...keep answering those Mails :) !

True Doggystyle!
The S@mster is preparing a new Project, together with Mr.G, El SiBo himself, that will be presented to the public Eye very soon, watch this Space for more Info!

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Saturday 04/03/2006
Ok, ok Google, enough!
If you go on like this I'll have to come to the Googleplex with an extra-large box of Condoms :) !
AmsterS@m loves Google!

It's sunny, yet cold and snowy in good old Amsterdam, it seems that Mother Nature is trying to confuse all of us 'Global-Warming-Tinfoil-Hat-Wearers' with some old School Seasons like back in ye olde Days, when Summer was hot and Winter was, ehm, cold and snowy!


And while we're talking about Conspiracies, check this Video about September 11th, by far the best compilation of Facts, Oddities and Strangeness surrounding the Pearl Harbour of our Generation! Find some other interesting new 9/11 Information on the Links Page!
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Friday 03/03/2006
Still don't know what's hot and what's not? Let a good Friend of the S@mster explain to you how to become an Opinionleader!

Last month I've told you about the 14.000.000 Reasons why I love Google...
AmsterS@m loves Google!

...little did I know that there are actually 24.100.000 Reasons to do so :) !
AmsterS@m loves Google!

Please don't forget to visit our good Friends on the Net, the filthy Men of ASPonIRC...the funky Kweek 5 R, our favorite World-Dominators Matt&James and last but not least, Mr.Lazz and his FoxZone-Crew !

Of couse you should not miss out on the things Senor Don KeyShot and SuperPablo have to tell you!

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