March 2K5

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Finally, itīs Spring again!

And still the steady Stream of Visitors sent to us by our beloved Heros at ASPONIRC never ends...please wash and flush before entering this Site any further :) !

Thanks again, Dudes!

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Lovely Amsterdam in March

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3 more Weeks to the official Start of the Spring-Season 2005, but it looks like even the Sun is stuck in the Snow, so don't count on it!

Feel free to share your thoughts regarding the Weather with one of Paris Hiltons many Friends, she didn't put her Phonebook on the Web for nothing!

All Celebrities have changed their Phonenumber and Emailadress by now? Not all of them, we proudly present to you a Titan, a Semi-God, willing to give you a Peek into his inner World, and OMG, it is a dark, lonely Place, but don't take our Word for it...

On the lighter Side of Life a.k.a. the Web you'll find the other Evolutionary End, the Counterpole of Mr.Saparmurat Niyazov, sweet old, lovely Gary Brolsma...Mayahaahaaaa, Baby!!

Oh, yeah, Christo eat this!

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