March 2K4

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If you receive Spam-Mails that contain an '' return adress, please be aware that they are not originating from this Domain. Spammers (may they experience the seldom spectacle of human spontanious Combustion) are using these fake adresses to send Spam to you and since there isn't much that can be done about it, pray for the violent and untimely Demise of those lost Souls...

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I think I finally found my Dreamjob..yep, that's the one :) !

I'd even be willing to pay to go to Work!

Strangely enough it is Monday yet it's not raining...!?

And in Case it does rain (a lot), don't just run off, think twice before you leave Home and move to another Place, here are some suggestions that might help you to make up your Mind!

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Don't forget that the regular Timesaving-Summertime is kicking in again tonight at 02:00! That means you have to turn your Clock one Hour, no wait, backwards...or was it forward? Damn, every Year the same Shit!

In stark Contrast to the officially proclaimed Season, the Weather of course still sucks Ass...come on Sister Sun, bring it on!!!

And now, as if to prove that they're always up for a Surprise-Stunt, here's the 2nd best Thing to ever come out of the Belly of the Redmond-Beast FOR FREE! Yet it's still not enough to topple the No.1 Pole-Position of the legendary and still superfunky Monkey Boy-Dance-Video, my most favourite Microsoft-Product ever! Go and get it before they get their greedy Grip on Reality back, and don't forget to tell all your Friends and their Friends :) !

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Yes, it's OFFICIAL!!!

And it seems that the first Rays of SpringSun right away burned through the protective Layers of some Peoples Brains...

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March 20th, Birthday of the War in Iraq and of course the ZoulMan, from the ZoulWood-Posse! Congratulations, well done :) !

And as if that wasn't enough Reason to party, it's also Black History Month!

Hey look, it's Bubbles!!

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Today is a beautyful Day!
Early in the morning the first hysterical AmsterS@m-Staffers had to be guarded out of the Backdoor of the AmsterS@m-Headquarters, crying, cringing and cheering, just to make way for the 2nd Wave of out-of-their-minds AmsterS@mmers, partying and drinking, smoking, sniffing and copulating in the Hallways, the Kitchen of the Guesthouse-Mansion, the fresh, green Golfcourse and next to the Poolarea, all singing out loudly and chanting, embracing each other...and Yes, You might wonder, WTF is going on with these otherwise so controlled, efficient, Accountantlike Businesspeople that usually have one and only one Thing to achieve: $$$ (well make that 2! :)

Simple, they finaly received that Message they've all been so anxiously awaiting for oh so many painful, unsatisfied Years out there in the cold Dog-eat-Dog World, but please, read for yourself what swept them off their Feet and made them cry like Children:

From good old Wired News
RIP: Kojak
Thanks to advances in medical science, the virile, balding type may soon go the way of the dodo bird. Stem-cell research has resulted in the successful regrowing of hair on mice, leading to the real possibility that a cure for baldness is right around the corner. As science marches on, the world will be populated by tall, fit people with perfect teeth and a full head of hair. There won't be a single interesting person left on the planet.

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Just in case you didn't recognize her yet, the Backgroundgirl is of course the AmsterS@m-All-Time-Favourite and extremely lovely Cosma Shiva Hagen, daughter of the notorious and extraordinary Nina Hagen! Nice one Nina!

And while you're online, please download the new Album from Massive Attack!

The Linkcollection hast just crashed through the 700-Links-Border :) !

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Who did it ??? Does it matter? No, not at all, anybody who has set their Mind to killing themself and/or as many others as possible, should simply be put to sleep like the Mad Dogs they are, so they can enjoy their promised Paradise and those waiting Virgins...or whatever Bullshit some fucked-up Girlfriendless, lonely and disturbed Asshole has put in their tiny Brains to achieve, once they've blasted their or others earthly Shells to Pieces...does it get any more Stupid?

And if you're really so fucking keen on killing innocent Humans or going to Heaven yourself a.s.a.p., why don't you just jump off a Cliff or ask your fucking Friends to take you out and crush your little, empty Skull, why involve those that actually have Reasons to live? Those responsible will hopefully be found and treated accordingly to their Actions, if you need a helping Hand in getting Information out of them, just let me know, got myself a new Set of Meat-Knifes recently!

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Van Gogh was right!

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Feeling lonely? Then check out who else is visiting this Site, just click here! You can see how others got here, what they did and just how many Visitors really were looking for filty, unchristian Pron to satisfy their lurking Lust and lucious Laziness but instead ended up on this Page...sorry Guys!

Here are some Links to play with:
Fake is the new Real
Historical Documents from Western European
Business Sentence Generator
Mardi Gras Soccer Shootout
The Virtual Elvis
The Hello World Project

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Ok, that's it, I've totally had it with this Janet's-Teabags-Mania, but one last thing should be asked regarding this evergrowing Cloud of Rumors, Weirdness and simple Perversion surrounding the Jackson-Family:
Are you sure that Thing ain't Michael Jackson???

Please, Mummy, make the Lady hide those darn dangling Things...please!

I know, I know, it looks like 2 People next to each other, might as well be Tito or Jermaine on the left, but that's because I just snatched the Picture with my half-deceased 7650-Cam off a Newspapers Frontpage while hurrying out of the office + I was very excited that my Weekend had just started = shitty Pic...but it's both 'Janet'! Yikes...

P.s.: Just 16 more Days :) !!!

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20 more Days and it's Spring...officially :) !
To get you all warmed up inside, here's something funny to read up on, it seems that sometimes Life is still the strangest...or did you see that one coming?

PornQueen turns Nazi-Babe

"...notable in her absence was Butler's former companion, Wendy Iwanow, who spent last fall promoting Aryanfest and promising half-price tattoos at the event for all her racial brothers and sisters. Iwanow was arrested on forgery charges at an Idaho airport in November when she and Butler were attempting to board a plane for Phoenix, and was subsequently outed on the Internet.

Seems Iwanow enjoyed a lengthy film career as porn star Bianca Trump, billing herself not as the white power Russian American she does today but as the "Latin Princess." She had co-starred with women, black men, and even Ron Jeremy, a Jew. But rules are rules, even for the close personal friend of a near deity; sucking black dick gets a girl banned from Nazi parties..."

And while I'm out here, breaking Taboos, just in case you forgot:

Jesus was a black Man!

"...the ugly truth which never even occurs to most Americans is that Jesus looked a lot more like an Iraqi, like an Afghani, like a Palestinian, like an Arab, than any of the paintings which grace the walls of American churches from sea to shining sea. This was an uncomfortable fact before September 11. After the attack, it became almost a moral imperative to put as much distance between Americans and people from the Middle East as possible. Now, to suggest that Jesus shared a genealogical heritage and physical similarity to the people sitting in dog cages down in Guantanamo is to dance along the edge of treason..."

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