June 2K4

*** Spam Alert ***
Spammers are using fake Adresses to send Spam to you. We wish, just as much as you do, that they'd stop living out their criminal Fantasies, but for now not much can be done about it, sorry!

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Sunday is the Grand Finale!

It's all about great Balls of Fire!

And if you think Football is boring, stupid BS, go and chase good old Plain Layne!

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Well, seems as if the Dutch Football Team has found a new Way to humiliate the German Team without even being on the same Premises, Remote Spitting, so to say...

Schade Deutschland, alles ist vorbei...
It's a Dog-eat-Dog World!

Ah, Yes, and a big, sincere and sugar-coated 'Thanks' and 'Come again soon' goes out to the one and only Seperator and Marc the Mercedes-Man...C.U. in the Summer :)) !!

Very 21st Century:

The Sound of the 'Big Bang' that created the Universe can be downloaded here!

The Dutch Government has released it's E-Voting Software for public Scrutiny under the much favored GPL! Please don't tell the Americans, or they'll invade us!

Even Torturers have a Website!

And just in Case God has turned a deaf Ear on those Sinners, their Prayers are being Outsourced! Good Thinking, we have to admit :) !

To relax after all those Braintwisters, have some free Grateful Dead Music!

x x x

Let the Games begin :)) !
Lama-Boy is back!
And if Spitting won't scare those Germans into Submission, we'll try something else!
It's a Dutch Thing...
Don't forget, being a good, fair Loser is half the Rent!
x x x

Tomorrow is the Big Game, Netherlands:Germany, everything here in good old Amsterdam is plastered with Orange Flags, Shirts, Hats, Sticks and Rolling Papers to celebrate whatever Outcome the Football-Gods have prepared for this proud come they always play so beautiful but almost never win?

The Dutch that is, the Germans play like Tanks, and yet, when it counts, they tend to win and humiliate whoever is unlucky enough to encounter 'Die Mannschaft' in those Final Games...always fun to see!

Oh Yeah, and here's a final Good-Bye from to 'The President'...have a good one, Dude!

If you have to work while it's so nice outside, go and vent some Anger with Captain Underpants and the Big, Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy!

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***7 Years AmsterS@m***7 Years AmsterS@m***
7 Years AmsterS@m***

Pop open the Champagne, light up the Blunts and bring in the Cake! Today, June 9th, is the 7th Anniversary of the Relocation & Transition of the boring old Slo-Mo from the boring old Country, to the funky, free, reborn AmsterS@m in Amsterdam!

So of course, the Lucky Number of today is:

Thanks again to Bohn for the Couch & the Cats and naturally, Mr.Tintorero himself, for the Ride and for making this happen & keepin the Faith, I was ready to turn around and make a Run for it...ain't nothing like a rainy Monday-Morning to fuck up an honest, scared Soul :)) !

x x x

As of Monday, it's going to be 30 Celcius all over considerable Parts of the Old World...fair enough, the official AmsterS@m-Vacation-Period has just started :)) !

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