July 2K4

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Please help yourself to a Copy of the official 9-11 Commission Final Report, download it here...and then surf over to good old What Really Happened and try figuring out who's right :) !

x x x has changed the Layout of the Site to help getting the User lost and confused without too many Clicks. Please find the Menu on the left instead of the Top, the Archive listed on the Menu instead of a separate Page, etc, you get the Idea...don't even try finding back anything here, just log off the Internet, turn that humming, dusty, old, grey Box off and go play outside!

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Today's Newsticker:

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Added a Google-Searchoption to the Site today, now you can search the Wild Wild Web or just your good old Host with the Most, without leaving your Chair...isn't it great to live in the 21st Century :) ?!

Btw, can you finish this Sentence??
I like the 80ties, I like the 90ties, I like the...???

Shoot us a Mail if you can figure it out, we'll all be rich&famous!

And before we go offline, a Sugarcoated 'Thanks, Dudes' to the Oops Clips Peeps for sending us all them Smutcovered Visitors, it's appreciated :) !

Oh, and for all those of us that still follow the 'Iraq' Democracy-Success, please don't be surprised anymore about their Resistance, have a look at this Half-Assed Try of War-Propaganda, that the Americans had the Nerves to distribute to their Opponents via Planes during the official 'War', and you'll understand why the Iraqis are so pissed to be occupied by such unthoughtful Occupiers, I'll just say:
'Then'...'If'...You Decide..!

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Oops, she did it again...

Finally, Britney is catching up with the truly Big Names in the Industry and has presented her very own Version of Nipplegate!

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Now, we are not sure if it is just a Feeling here in the good old AmsterS@m-Penthouse, but it does seem that Mondays suck more and more every Week! Please try some Skateboarding to avenge that inproportional Injustice!

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Alright, it's officially Summertime now, but it keeps raining every Day, for weeks now, fucked up the whole AmsterS@m-Vacation-Period and didn't do anything good for anybody, except the Plants of course, but who of us is one!?!

Another thing that is official, is the release of the Cameron Diaz Soft-Pron-Movie that she did before turning into a Superstar...of course you've seen the Stills of that incriminating Incident loooong ago here, on good old :) !

War is Peace...Freedom is Slavery...Ignorance is Strength...Obey your Orders...War is Peace...Freedom is Slavery...Ignorance is Strength...Obey your Orders...and then download 1984 (633 Kb/PDF) and Brave New World (240 Kb/PDF), the Books to guide you through todays War !

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