January 2K6

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Yo Feelixxx and SiBo,
you were great, thanks for the Beats,
'the Text' and of course lekker Tiramisu :)!


x x x
Dear AapjeHondje, before you make Promises, please remember
that I'll have to sing this at you if you don't keep them:

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire :) !

Yes, that's right, on Fire!

Waiting for your Call...

It's official, you ARE a Monkey!
Have fun with your hairy Ass!

x x x
Sunday, bloody Sunday...Bossa Boogie kicked Azz and totally ruled, thanks Wilhelmina, Mad Professor&Miss K, Mandatje, BoSi, Mister N. and Mister L., and of course Everybody else, you were great, as usual!

Today our Homeboy Kweek 5 R was on the dutch Radio!

x x x
It's Saturday, it's PartyTime again :) !
Tonight you can find the AmsterS@m-Posse doing the Bossa Boogie!
Join us, buy us Drinks, watch us lose it!


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Tonight the Worlds best DJane, Miss Feelixxx, is doing her Thang again on her life WebRadioBroadcast, enjoy the Show here!

Next week your Co-Host with the Co-Most, AmsterS@m and Mr.G, El SiBo himself, will join her and blow your Minds with some funky, funky Music!

While you're out there anyways, check out CasaBoy, we've hired this young, international Talent to give the AmsterS@m Logo a workover. He's exceeded our Expectations and made us very happy with his creative Output, that you can admire on this very Site very soon!

And don't forget to visit our other Friends on the Web, the Guys at ASPonIRC, the mighty, mighty Kweek 5 R and of course our adopted World-Dominators Matt&James!

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AmsterS@m would like to thank the infamous 'Posse of Bexi' for the fabulous Partayyyy, thanks for the good Vibes, Fish and Candy, Amsterdam Style, Baby!

Special Shoutouts:
Happy Birthday again Bexi!
Edernet, you da Maaan!
Dear H, Puff, Puff and it for the S@mster!
Feelixxx, c.u. on da Radio!
Soon Mr.G et moi will come and rock the Boat with you!
Miss G., let's talk Peace in the Sunshine!
BoSiii, you're da Party-HoSiii, you're sure you're not 16 anymore?!
Roc-Ster, keep Roc-king!
You Guys kick Azzzzzz :) !

x x x
Hey AapjeHondje, if you read this...
I'm afraid you were right...
Helaas Pindakaas...

Today is Friday the 13th AND Full Moon!

Mmhhh, 3 Moons...must be Pluto?!

Might just be the perfect Time for some Fancy Parking!

The Terminator also has some good Advice for you!

Don't make me do it for you!

If there are Jews for Jesus, does that mean that God is for Suckers?!

x x x
This is a special New-Year's-Resolution-Request to Mr.G, El SiBo himself!

Yo BoSi, don't Bogart or no more Puff-Puff'n'Pass 4 U Dude :) !

AmsterS@m wishes Everybody a great, happy, relaxed 2006!

2006 here we come!

2006 here we come!

2006 here we come!

2006 here we come!

2006 here we come!

2006 here we come!

2006 here we come!

x x x