February 2K6

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Saturday 25/02/2006
Finally, somebody explains to us what Stanley Kubrick's '2001: A Space Odyssey' was all about!

My dear old Friend MP has just started his latest Project, a Blog about Opinionleaders...a must-read if you've always wanted to know how to become that Guy or Girl that leads the Masses instead of following them!

No Parties for the S@mster this Weekend, got my Media-Box for Digital TV yesterday and will stay in to enjoy my new 125 or so Channels :)) !

Here's one of the 14.000.000 Reasons why I love Google

AmsterS@m loves Google!
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Saturday 18/02/2006
Hey Bas, thanks for the cool Party, it was marvellous :) !
Party on!

Here's a special Shout-out to Miss Milka:
Very good talking to you again,
C.U. soon in sunny Amsterdam :) !
That ain't no freakin Cow!

Wednesday the 22nd, from 21:00-22:00 (GMT+1), Mr.G and AmsterS@m will take over Miss Feelixxx's Radioshow for once, since she was flown out to South America to teach the Underpriviledged some serious Capoeira, Fu-Man-Chu-Style :) !
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Monday 13/02/2006
Just a friendly Reminder:
Wednesday the 15th, Miss Feelixxx, Mister BoSi and AmsterS@m are going to Funk you up on the DFM Web-Radio, come and chat with us or watch us on the Webcam!

Friday the 17th, Bas is inviting all the funky People to his Party at the Bitterzoet in Amsterdam!
Who's your Daddy?!
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There are about 2 Million new Links on the Link-Page...enjoy!

Next Week Wednesday, Miss Feelixxx, Mister SiBo and yours truly, the S@mster, will hit you again with a World-Wide-Web-Radio-Show, watch us go WWWild on the WWWebcam!

Also next Week: Mister B invites you to his PPParty at Bitterzoet in Amsterdam! Be there or be square!
Who's your Daddy?!
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More exciting Developments in the Netherlands...
After imposing a mandatory 2-Year-Salary-Freeze on the whole Country, while giving themselfs a 30% Raise, the Government has come up with this cool Idea:
A new Health-Insurance-System that forces the Population to pay double the Price for the same Service (from around 60 euros a month for an Allround-Insurance that would cover most Items, now up to 120 euros for the exact same Insurance).
Others have finaly figured out that we'll pay whatever they ask, we're just that stupid, so Coca-Cola has decided to put their colored Sugar-Water into newly designed Bottles and raised the Price by 40%(!)
Fuck you Mr.Coca-Cola, we'll just drink Pepsi :) !
Way to go Folks!
It's not bad enough that we're all making less money and pay 50% to 100% more for most things since the Euro was introduced 4 years ago...we still have all those secret Savings-Accounts you need to help us get rid of!
Thanks dutch Goverment, thanks Europe! We would've wasted it all on Birthday-Presents, Hookers and Dope anyway!
Here's a Suggestion to make the System even more Userfriendly:
Keep ALL of our Money and give us a monthly Allowance of 50 Bucks, that'll save all of us a lot of time and effort!
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This Year has started out with some sad Events for the S@mster.
First my beloved, old Bike got stolen...or most of it!
All Junkies please report to the AmsterS@m Penthouse for a severe Beating with the remaining Bike-Locks!
From me, to you, one last "HiHo Silver"...may your new Cowboy treat you as good as you deserve it! And a special Shout-out to the Thief: May your next Heroin-Shot be the final one!

T hen my lovely, cool, superfunky Fish called 'Fromtoi' a.k.a. 'Fish', died from some mysterious Disease, after making the AmsterS@m-Penthouse a better, nicer Place for many happy, Sunshine-filled Years...
R.I.P. Fish, you'll be missed!
R.I.P. up there in the Big Pond in Fish-Heaven, you will be missed!

Not exactly a good Start for 2K6!
But don't worry, the end of one Thing is usually the beginning of another! Watch this Space for all the happy Events to take place in the very near Future!

To get you in the right Mood, I've decided to fiddle with the Layout of the Site and confuse you with some Winter-Style-White for now :) !

Comme toujours, don't forget to visit our good Friends on the Net, the filthy Men of ASPonIRC...the funky Kweek 5 R, our favorite World-Dominators Matt&James and last but not least, Mr.Lazz and his FoxZone-Crew !

A special 'Groetjes' goes out to Senor Don KeyShot and SuperPablo!

If you feel like Partying with the AmsterS@m-Posse, mark the 17th of February in your Agenda, Big Bas is doing it again!
Who's your Daddy?!

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