February 2K5

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Looks like Life is putting in overtime to help us understand some of it's Mysteries...if you remember (or scroll down this page) we've asked 2 fundamental Questions at the beginning of this month.

The Answer to one of those 2 Questions has been published pretty much on the same Day (02.02.05) in the lovely 'Spits'-Free-Paper you get at every Trainstation in the Netherlands, if you like it or not! But see for yourself:

Translated to english, this article simply states that there are a lot more Men working Kitchens then Women because it's hot, heavy and hard to do so, and those long hours in the Weekends don't seem to help either.

Why did we even ask, it's so obvious now!?!?

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Oh No, The Gonz is dead!

Even if we can't prove it yet, 2005 seems to be an even worse Motherfucker of a Year then 2004 was!

May the good Doctor Rest in Peace

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Hey, Mr.Blomberg, cheer up Dude, at least you could eat the forbidden Fruit of the Double-Twister-Punani, if you'd ever set your grumpy Mind to it, you lucky SOB :) !

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The AmsterS@msters would like to thank the Smut-Fingers at ASPONIRC, for sending all their Sperm-encrusted, yet lovable Visitors to our little Domain that could, very much appreciated, we still had all that extra Bandwith to burn anyways :) !

Thanks, Dudes, we love you!

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The Meaning of Life
Some Stupid Questions:

1) Why do little Girls with a Gap between their Front-Teeth (or, erm, missing Front-Teeth) look cute and adorable...

Ah, so cute and adorable!

But once they mature into full grown Women, the same Gap will make them look Slutty and/or Stupid, or worse?!

Oh, so Slutty and/or Stupid or worse!

2) Why is every single famous Chef a Man, while you'll have a chance of about 1:10000000000 of actually finding a Man in any given Kitchen, at any given time in real Life, except for the occassional Beer-Run or short encounters with the Microwave!?

Tastes like Chicken!

There are no famous female Chefs! Does Life suck, or what?!
If you can answer these questions, mail us!
Send an E-Mail to AmsterS@m !
And should you still believe in the good in People, check out this truly funny, sickening, disturbing, brain-mutilating, mind-numbing, violent, sickening, revolting, sadistic, weird, unexpected, gruesome, sickening and sad Video, definitely NOT safe for Work, Girlfriend, Fiance, Friends or any Humans.

But Hey, this is the Internet, and since you paid for all that Bandwith anyway, lets waste it with some Style and Disgrace!

Enjoy, you sick Bastard!

P.s.:And don't come back here crying to us about being all traumatised and scarred and fucked up for Life after seeing this Shit, we know, we know :) !

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