February 2K4

*** Spam Alert ***
If you receive Spam-Mails that contain an '' return adress, please be aware that they are not originating from this Domain. Spammers (may they experience the seldom spectacle of human spontanious Combustion) are using these fake adresses to send Spam to you and since there isn't much that can be done about it, pray for the violent and untimely Demisal of those lost Souls...


Relinked on Request: Bookdownloads of the Day

Brave New World


Here's an innocent websearch somebody did, only to end up finding this Page...Oh Mamma, this is all you can think of when you hear the magic word 'Bangbus'? Maybe Mamma's a MILF herself, LOL :) !?!

You like? Here's another one...maybe I should clean the Page more often, now that I know that mostly dirty old Men come here with their sticky Fingers and messy Minds...


*** Only today, Tuesday *** Only today, Tuesday ***
It's Grey Tuesday and you can download the infamous, illegal Jay-Z/Beatles-Remix, The Grey Album for free here! Get it now before it gets sued off the Web! Only for 24 hours, only Tuesday!

Here in good old Amsterdam it's literally just another one of those freakin 'Grey Tuesdays', Snow mixes violently with Rainstorms and the Sky looks like a collective Invitation for Suicide, everybody is sick and hurrying through the slippery streets with dripping Noses and drowning Spirits, Umbrellas flipping over in the Wind, splashing&spraying the Carriers upper Body with the dreaded, unavoidable cold Wet that seems to be the only thing that really comes for free in this Life...fucking Rain! Well, at least it's not Monday :) !


Of course those Paris Hilton Links below are as dead as Michael Jacksons Career by now, but then again, who wants to see some rich bitch's sorry ass performance anyways?!?! You? Well, try Google :) !

Can't find the Smut you're looking for? Check the News, Games and most of all Links Page, major updates, seems the Web is getting weirder every day :) ! Enjoy!

Lots of updates on the Links and Games Pages, go ahead and blast those viciously boring Sunday-Hours away! My personal favourite Links of the Week:

Modern Ruins
Lazy Laces
Order Weather
Free Movies
May Pop
Melissa Harrington
Time Capsule
The WWW Virtual Library
Lines that are good
Open Photo

Oh, and this one just came in, the missing Part of the Paris Hilton Tape, now in Color! Get it here: here, here or here!


Since I'm not just being abused by Spammers but also bombed with regular Spammails, I figured, why not share some of my daily load with You :) !?! So here they are, todays AmsterS@m-Top-10-Spam-Mails, sorted by Illness of the Subject and weirdness of the Spelling:

1. 'ADV: Sexual Material%3b total mummy action kn' from Marva Bruno (Mummy action? R U Serious???)

2. 'Pelase cloelct acuiton wniinngs' from Jacobsen (Sorry, Jacobsen, you were saying...?)

3. 'FWD: All Drugs Here. xan@x < v1agr@ %3b V.a.lium ` %RND_MED_VICO%2bDIN ` Pn%2bermin %3b oAt66' from lucrecia chiles (Lucrecia, Lucrecia, you promised me to stay clean, tststs...)

4. 'impious housewives madeleine cos kampala' from Alexandra Clements (Yo Alex, it's Koala, you Retard!)

5. 'ounce badge irremovable polaron decrypt bilharziasis breakaway decennial gentlemen interruption turnery senor barrette beograd' from Garth Brooks (Garth Brooks??? WTF is wrong with them silly-ass Spammers??? :)

6. 'Terrorizing Young Dumb B!tches with our Monster C(o)CKS' from Joseph Kern (Ok, this one actually sounds reasonable! :)

7. 'sleep off 1bs 2 ypochfxsdwqxb a nl' from Carmella Felton

8. 'young college girls jmth czla y' from Kenneth Draper (Young College girls? You mean there are also OLD College Girls???)

9. 'amstersam I challenge you 5707C86756DA258C45DDE7CE43C304F1' from latrooper (I'd say:'Bring it on Biatch!')

10. 'высылаем информацию по Вашему запросу' from (and I wonder, what is your fucking Point, colinm?)

Check the News and Links for the REAL updates :) !

And just in Case you're wondering what the current Threatlevel of Terrorism in the good old U.S. of A. is, check the Banana
terror alert banana
borrowed from luna


Here are some Links (partially not safe for work! :) to play with, sorry, I'm too busy to pay any attention to you right now!
Babes against Bush
The Ladder-Theory
Animated Bodies
Weird Movements
Random Image
Jail Babe