December 2K5

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Hey, it's Rudolf's Buddy!
x x x would like to thank Everybody out there for their Support and good Vibes throughout the last Year!

Ho Ho Ho!

Hopefully Santa brought you all the Things you've wished for!

Oh these Kids!

But be careful, there are naughty Kids out there, who didn't get any Presents because they've been very BAD all Year!

Ehm, Sir, Officer, Mister, could I please have my Bike back?!
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Hey, what happened to Santa's little Helpers, they're all naked! And those ain't Reindeers either! Ho, Ho, Ho!

Lots of new Christmas Links!
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Nice Tree!
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We almost forgot to mention our good Buddy Lazz and his Crew at FoxZone, check them out today!

Firefox 1.5 has been released yesterday!

Fire, Fire..!

If you haven't done so yet, install it and help showing Mr.Billg that he can put his IE where the Sun never shines!

Lots and lots of new Links on the Links Page!

These are the The Six Dumbest Ideas in Computer Security, not to be confused with The Six Things you need to know about Bubble 2.0!

Why are the Dutch so angry you ask...well, it's because they're being Educated by Murder AND there are already Ten Things the Chinese do far better then they do!

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Go visit our Friends at ASPonIRC, and don't forget the Kweek 5 R!
Can't feel it yet? How about this: World-Domination rules the Nation!

They WILL dominate you!

Since November turned out to be such a shitty Month, we've decided to pretend it's December already and skipped one Day...closer to Christmas :) !

Hey, it's Rudolf's Buddy!

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