August 2K6

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Wednesday 30/08/2006

It seems that my first Guess about P.Shitty was a straight Shot into the Bulls-Eye, here's the final Proof (as if you needed any) that he's gone Cuuuckoooo!


How do others feel about Skank Daddy you might ask!? Let's see...

In the car with a friend one day, “Bad Boys 4 Life” came on. Puffy has this line “Nevermind I don’t write rhymes, I write checks.” I laughed. “You know,” I said, “maybe he’s not so…” “He didn't write that line either, you know,” my companion noted dryly.


I live in San Diego. The other night I was watching the news and the was a story about this new show making the band on MTV with Sean Combs. The equipment used in the show was all new, donated to the show, and after the show was suppose to be donated to a charity to give to a poor black community in Watts, CA.

However after the show was done Mr. Combs took the new equipment for himself and gave the community old shitty equipment. I was very surprised to hear of this action by someone who “SUPPOSEDLY” supports the black communities in more ways than one. He basically stole from these “KIDS” the equipment that was donated to this stupid fucking show.

I have always liked bad boy music. However because of this bullshit myself and 240 other friends and friends of friends are banning anything and everything Sean Combs. We will not buy another album produced by, written by, rapped by, promotted by Sean Combs, or Bad Boy Entertainment!!!!!!!!!

There will be a website coming soon for this ban. The powers that be at BadBoy Entertainment might think 240 individuals isn’t a big hit towards the bottomline, however put it online and let everyone around the world see this shit for themselves and their pockets will be feeling the pain…..

In other News:
Today is Katrina's Birthday, send some Flowers or Sweets and don't forget the Card!





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Tuesday 29/08/2006

I'm not sure if P. Puffy...Pee Daddy...well, whatever his current Name is, I'm not sure if he's just lost his freakin' Mind or if he's rapping, you try to figure it out!

Hey Roc, almost Monday :) !

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Monday 28/08/2006

This Year is really a baaad one for the last Month alone I had 4 flat Tires and needed 3 new Bike-Bells (don't ask :) now I don't even bother washing the oily Grease off my Hands anymore, knowing that the next 'interesting' (in the chinese Sense) Experience with the AmsterS@m-Bicycle-Armada (Yes, I got a whole Range of Bikes for every Weather and Situation!) is right ahead and calling for my full Attention...*Sigh*

Where are those Junkies when you need them?!

And lets not forget my beloved Old Black Beauty that got stolen in January this Year by some ruthless Junkie or Joyriding Youth...I still miss it and look for it in the Streets, one Day I'll find it!

The sad Remains of a great Bike!

But as long as it's just the Bikes getting hurt, I should not complain too much :) !


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Saturday 26/08/2006

More good News, the second (almost) Trainbomber has been caught, I hope they lock him up with his own Bomb and use a remote Detonator on his Creation, so he can verify that all his Years of University Studies in Germany paid off!

No Virgins for you Dickhead!

Should you feel safer, now that those pimpled, half-baked Terrorists are stored behind Bars for the next Decades? No! You're not even safe at Home, all your Locks can be opened in a few Seconds! Check out this Movie and see if you'll feel protected in your own House ever again!

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Thursday 24/08/2006

Good News, the World didn't end yet, but I think there are clear signs everywhere that Mankind is doooooomed!

Oooh, I wanna dance with somebody!

But Hey, at least we'll go down in Style!!

If you need further Proof that there's no Future for us, just check out this Picture of one of the Planets most admired Celebritneys!


In case we do get another Chance, at least we've solved all our Energy-Problems, fuck them Ay-Rabs and their stinky, greasy Oil!

Mmmhhhh, wait, did I say fuck them...

And if you should happen to come across this Motherfucker, feel free to Bitch-slap the taste out of his Mouth! He's the second, still on the run, wanna-be Trainbomber that tried to blow up a Train in Germany in July!

No Virgins for you Dickhead!

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Tuesday 22/08/2006

The End is of the World is here, we're all gonna DIE today!!!


So this is it I guess, it was a Pleasure knowing&serving you for over 7 Years with lots of weird Thoughts, lucious Links, smutty Smut and many, many other Things that made this InterWeb such a fun Part of our Lifes...


It's been a Cool Ride, take care, enjoy the last Hours, C U in the next Place...


Thanks&Good Bye :) !


P.s.: Obviously I had to post all this Monday Evening already, or I might be too dead to write it, just in Case the World
IS going to end tomorrow...but wait, that means you'll be too dead to read it anyway...ah, fuck it!

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Monday 21/08/2006

Yesterday at 15:00, Michael Franti of Spearhead gave a free Concert in the 'Coffee Company' in the Pijp in Amsterdam! And even though I arrived too late to get inside, the Crowd outside the Coffeeshop maintained a great Party-Vibe while it was raining most of the time...every now and then, the Sun came out for a few Minutes, and Michael would chant at it and welcome it back, a lovely Show...

Television, the drug of the Nation/Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation!

Television, the drug of the Nation/Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation!

Television, the drug of the Nation/Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation!

Television, the drug of the Nation/Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation!

Television, the drug of the Nation/Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation!

Television, the drug of the Nation/Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation!

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Sunday 20/08/2006

Lately I've noticed 2 pretty disturbing Trends that are forcing their Way into my fellow Amsterdam-Peeps' Lifes&Styles...the more irritating one (and with the Heatwaves this Summer surely smellier one) being that some Folks have started to wear the same Clothes for Days and Days on...

New Day, same Shit (and Clothes)

There were Subjects sighted on up to 3 subsequent Summerdays, that had on the same Shirt/Sweater/Longsleeves and/or Pants/Skirts/Hotpants (Yes, even Females follow this 'dernier Cri', which adds an extra level of Creepyness to this whole Phenomenon, no Woman with an inch of Selfesteem would've been caught dead wearing the same Outfit for 2 Days in a Row, just a few Years ago, it would've meant Fashion-Suicide)!

Get me out of here

Unfortunately you can't really document that somebody has been dressed the same for 3 Days in a row, unless you hold a current Newspaper next to the Offender, and take a Snap-Shot every Day this unacceptable Behavior is exercised, not a very practical Step you will agree...

Get me out of here!

But luckily for us, the other Trend that disturbs me IS easy to document, so behold, they're back and they're ready to rock! I present to you:





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Wednesday 16/08/2006

I got this really lovely Spam today, or at least I think it's Spam, they're not even trying to sell something that'll make my Penis even bigger or harder, they just want to...eehm, don't know, but here it is anyway, as usual, sharing is caring!

He made her go to church and Sunday Schoolregularly. Her face looked as if it had wore out a hundred bodies. And if you bring any doctor here I wont see him. Can I acquiremerit by getting or doing anything there for you or Cissy? He had been on the point of going away when Dr. Since then he had called several times, walking down through thebarrens, whistling.

He always brought Cissy fruit and flowers. The dame went, and I fired the jars of punkin afterher, two at a time. Ill see Lawyer Ferguson, said Uncle James. She did not care whether she caught a cold or not. Nowit was a faded, dreary old place, with a leprous, patched roof andshutters hanging askew. Nobody dared ask Roaring Abel any questions about it.

A few loose words spilled around dont hurt anyone. It was so easy todefy once you got started. I dont see how I could have been, said Mrs. She read them all to Cissy, who loved them.

Old Abel Gay, in spite of his seventy years, was handsome still, ina stately, patriarchal manner. Why, Im told that thatjail-bird, Snaith, is hanging around here every evening. Seems to me you aint botheredmuch about her up to now. Mother, I can never feel the same to Valancy again.

Once Valancy asked himcoolly:What is the use of getting in a rage? Onlyevery one has a different name for it. Might she not pity herself alittle when nobody else did? I broke out into tears then, and she said, Come now, Mother, be agood sport.

I asked Doss if she had no regard for appearances. Onlyevery one has a different name for it. Yes, said Valancy faintly, eyeing the forefinger. He always brought Cissy fruit and flowers. I dont see how I could have been, said Mrs. And this in anominally Christian community in the year of grace nineteen andsome odd!

At any rate, her clan no longer despisedher or ignored her. Cousin Stickles took up the refrain betweenher moans of despair. Shes toldeverywhere Im crazy, so nobodyll come for love or money. The barrens lay before her in a white moon splendour, where dozensof little rabbits frisked. Cissy put her thin arms about Valancys neck.

CHAPTER XIVLife cannot stop because tragedy enters it.

Mmmmhhhhh, Spam!

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Monday 14/08/2006

"Thanks Mr.BoSi"
It's always good to know that someone else actually also likes this Site!

Now, call me an old sentimental Fool, but I've watched this Video 5 times in a row and every time I had to laugh and my little black Heart was filled with Joy&Happiness...(Sound on!! And please note: Not loving this Film proves you're a very bad Person and a goddamn Communist, most likely you eat Babies for Breakfast!!)

Like it? Here's the original Flic that inspired the Sequel above, this is one of the rare cases in Moviehistory where the second part beats the first one in quality and content, still it's much better than just staring at the Rain outside!

Another little Movie that made my Day does not need to roam the whole Planet to entertain and make me go 'Mmmmhhhhhh, nice', so sit back and enjoy pwetty, pwetty Amsterdam:

The Cease-Fire that started this morning is in effect and it seems that the fighting has stopped for now...

Fire in the Hole!

Fire in the Hole!

Fire in the Hole!

What's that, you want more Movies, less Misery? Ok, here's a one dedicated to all those nice Germans out here on the InterWeb, denn 'Du bist deutsche Land'...und 'deine Mutter schwitzt beim Kacken' :) !

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Sunday 13/08/2006
The fighting Parties in Lebanon have decided to cease Fire tomorrow morning...find out what that feels like on the inside here or here!

Fire in the Hole!

And while the poor People of Lebanon get their daily Dose of Flyers telling them to Fuck off or Die, the Dutch are fleeing their Country in Droves for less radical Reasons, wondering, where has the good Life gone?!

There it is!

If you want to help those less fortunate, but don't know how, try the Poverty Fighters or the Hunger Site (they're a bit controversial, but it might help, so why not give it a click anyway!?)

Another way to help People is to listen to this Guys Story, it's all just been a big misunderstanding, miscommunication might be a better word...

Juice, I said Juice!! Juice, I said Juice!!

If all that serious Stuff made you dizzy, have a look at what the Internet really looks like and then watch us party (NSFW) but do a stylish, visually enhanced Speedtest first, to see if your Connection can handle all those smutty high-res Pictures!


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Thursday 10/08/2006
This is some truly funny Shit!


When you're done laughing, go outside and Hump a Hummer, but be careful, don't end up getting ya Azz kicked by some Bloods or Crips!

YoYo, Westside!

Maybe the Evil Mad Scientist is not involved in simple, low-level Gang Violence, but he probably helped finding the Top 10 Ways to destroy Earth!


In case Earth won't be destroyed in the next Month, use those Weeks and do it like this Guy:

Rich Bitch!

This is the Million Dollar Destiny project. It's about chasing the American Dream to see if there is still universal opportunity in our country. I hope I'll find that there is.

My name is Remi Frazier. On June 16, I left Colorado with $100, a cell phone, and a one-way plane ticket to New York City. Thirty days later, I'll return to Colorado with a million dollars...

Since it's raining&storming again in Amsterdam, I found something to waste valuable hours away...let me share with you this collection of Scam-Buster-Links:
Bait a Mugu
Ebola Monkey Man
The ScamBaiter
The 419 Eater
For those of you who still don't know who the Boys from Lagos are, here's some background Information.

Mmmhhh, Enema Fudge!

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Wednesday 09/08/2006
No Comment...

Fire in the Hole!

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Tuesday 08/08/2006
AmsterS@m is officially Sad, Mad and Frustrated! Send Money, Carepackages and lots of good Vibes to heal him!

Anger Management? Fuck that!

Here are some more Pictures of others that are Sad, Mad and Frustrated!

Fire in the Hole!

Fire in the Hole!

Fire in the Hole!

Fire in the Hole!

Fire in the Hole!

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Tuesday 01/08/2006
It's August and right away the Rain-Season has started...*Sigh*...time to get your Mental Floss ready and check out the World Map of Happiness!

Mmmhhh, Soft Eggs!

And while we worry about a little Rain, others have real Issues!

Fire in the Hole!

Fire in the Hole!

Fire in the Hole!

Fire in the Hole!

Fire in the Hole!

Find out how cynical you are!

You Are 60% Cynical
Yes, you are cynical, but more than anything, you're a realist.
You see what's screwed up in the world, but you also take time to remember what's right.

Yeah right, see what's screwed up in the World :) !

Forget YouTube, here comes PornoTube (NSFW)!

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