August 2K3

Oh No, they did it again, this time it's London that has to get through another deadly Rush-Hour without any Public Transport, Lights or Power, seems to become a habit for those War-Lovers to inflict the 'Iraqi-Night' on themselfs to level with the suffering of the poor People of U.S.of Freeraqistan...nice Gesture though, after all, it's the Thought that counts :) ! Enjoy the Silence, plant a Tree, make a Baby and use those hours offline, my british Friends!
To all the Mosquitos
in my Bedroom:
AmsterS@m, 04:30 am...Hey, it rhymes :) !
Why don't you just come and suck all the Blood you like while I'm still up, sitting behind the PC, ready and willing to supply the little you need of that magic, lifesupporting, sweet Juice?
I mean, seriously, just knock yourselfes out, bring your Sister and her Friends too, there's plenty and it's really good stuff...but, and I can't stress this enough, but, if I ever catch one of you miserable, humming, bloodsucking little Bastards again, circling me or the Madagascar-Babes Head around 04:30 in the Morning...then you're in for a major asskicking my Friends, and believe me, one of us is going to end up as an ugly, bleeding Smear on the Wall, right!?!!
Can you imagine going to Jail for 10 Years for writing something like this? According to his Version of the Story he found the Paper and just finished it, going by his Picture on the Site I'd say he did it :)! And shouldn't it be 'Save Ferris' anyways?
Did you ever try finding this Site via the infamous Google Searchengine? Turns out I'm a big time Victim of the just as infamous, really fckd-up 'Google-Dance'! Check it out in real Life, here's a screenshot from last week

Ok, AmsterS@m, nobody likes that boring Page of yours, deal with it!

What do you mean, no information?? Well, let's try that again, a few days later...

Ah, that's much better :) !

Mmmhh, what happened? And why is this happening every few Months over and over again, for years now? Who do I have to bribe at Google to keep my Top-Spot-No1-Listing on that fantastic, unique and superstylish Engine of theirs? Where should I send those free Pictures of Cameron Diaz in the Nudeeee to?? Please, please, dear Google, tell me what to do!!!
Passed by the Rolling Stones's Hotel again last night, still a Mob outside hoping for a glimpse of Mick, Keith or any other old Fart, so I joined them, after all I've created a special section for them on my photopage without actually having a picture of THEM, so I figured I'll just wait and take the chance. Guess what, after waiting for an hour, and watching the other Bystanders being interviewed for the Dutch Television, (well, they need to show something on the Teli, so they just do what they can ! :) the first Rumors started spreading that the Show (that was supposed to be transmitted live from the Arena in Amsterdam) was cancelled and Mick already back in London with a sour Throat...Bummer! It's good we Amsterdam Peeps are always good looking, so enjoy the Pics anyway, even if the Stones are not on them!
Saturday night, Power's back in most of northern America, but they still don't know why the worlds most powerful Nation folded like some broke-ass 3rd-world-Country...maybe somebody didn't pay his Electricity-Bill :) ?!?!
It's Thursday night, 16:45 NY Time/22:45 Amsterdam Time and it seems that a considerable part of northern America is out of Power...nobody knows yet why this is happening, could be that nasty 'Blaster'-Virus or Osama Bin 'Missing' Laden or that evil Saddam 'You'll-never-catch-my-hairy-Ass' Hussein...or maybe it's just too hot for all those little Energy-Particles to go back and forth through those narrow cables all the time, keeping all those Fans&Ventilators running day&night so they all took a day off and went to the beach.

Well, I guess by the time you read this, somebody will have figured it out&fixed it, so you don't have to read any further! This is by the way the first Webpage that seems to report these Events, checked CNN and the likes, nothing if this turns out to be the beginning of another 9-11-Style-Shit-hits-the-Fan kind of thing, don't forget, you heard it first on :) !

Damn,they're catching on to me, Fuckers...took 'em almost 30 minutes though...Suckers :) !
Got a funky update on the Photopage, the Rolling Stones are in Amsterdam for a Show, so on my way Home this Weekend I saw the Crowd outside their Hotel and decided to wait for a while to see if I can catch a glimpse or better, a Photo of these old Dudes, but as you can imagine, they probably have better things to do then wave at a bunch of Retards outside their Hotelwindow...nevertheless we were a pretty good Crowd and there was a Trend towards Stampede-like Behavior every time somebody thought he or she spotted one of the Stones. I'm glad nobody got trampled to death when they actually left the Hotel and were rushed off the Scene in their Limo-Vans. Still can't get no Satisfaction, Mick? Maybe you should've told your Driver to slow down and check out the Chickies that were willing and ready to throw themselfes around the Neck of anybody wearing grey Hair, they were waiting for you, Man!

The next day I passed by the Hotel again and this time finally saw Mick from just a few meters away, being rushed into his Limo (he did go back, to sign some Bras and Panties of bystanding, busty Babes, no wait, he did sign, but just Fotos and other boring Stuff), but of course the Battery of my otherwise trustworthy 7650 had retired to it's sleeping-quarters already so I can't update the Photosection with actual Pictures of the actual Stones...thanks Nokia :( !
Like the new Layout? I got sick&tired of looking at the same Style for months and months, so here it is, AmsterS@m version 2.0...expect more good things to happen soon!
Well, it's Monday again, the Sun is burning, the Coffee is tasty and this is probably the most sexist way of wasting the Day!

It's soooooooo fucking Hot...oh,well, read it up down the page, but besides the Heat and Sister Sun turning everything to Ashes, there are other sweet Things: Saturday 30.08, Redman is going to perform in Amsterdam for free !!
I've dedicated most of yesterdays Sweat to the Photosection, I figured since not everybody has a Cable/ADSL-Connection yet, I better Thumbnail the whole page down, took some time, but I'm sure you'll agree that the new Layout was worth wasting most of the otherwise sunny, hot, beautiful Saturday inside..!
So, it's August again, the Summer is slowly moving on with his Life and endless Quantities of superrelaxing Sunshine and long Nights under starfilled Skies...God, I miss it already, while it's still really sweet outside, up to 30 degrees, and where talking about the Netherlands here...this has definately been one of the nicest Summers I can recollect, it's been hot since March...I guess in a couple of Years, when we realize that we're all gonna burn and shrink to coaly, brownish Pieces of Roast-Meat if it keeps getting this hot for such long periods of time without any Rain, you won't find Peeps hanging out on the Beach anymore, probably it's gonna be hip to sit in shadowy places and avoid any shade of a Suntan as much as possible...I hope not though!