April 2K5

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Yes, it's Queensday again, the biggest&weirdest traditional, most megalomanic, totally overboard 'Go-Nuts&Anything-Goes' Celebration of Dutchness known to Mankind and usually it's worth the Ride to Amsterdam, regardless of your Location on this Planet...

Long live the Queen!

But before we start drinking, smoking and dancing for the next 3 days, we'd like to say 'Sorry you've missed it, see you next Year' to our fellow AmsterSammers Miss J and Miss A, Mr. Matt himself and the great Dave, who needs a Shave :) !

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Seems that we Player-Haters here at are not the only ones who are glad they finally put the poor Pope to rest, after having the whole World stare up his dead Nostrils for what seemed an Eternity, please read what The Rude Pundit has to say:

Fuck, man, can't we send the Pope corpse on a world tour? Can't we mummify that fucker and let it visit every fuckin' country the living Pope visited and even the ones he didn't get to? Aw, shit, it'd be amazing: hourly updates of the Pope corpse's time in Tanzania or Ecuador. Goddamn, how the natives would be thrilled to have a Pope corpse there. C'mon, Rome, don't bogart the Pope corpse.

You'd think that this is somewhat harsh, inappropriate and inconsiderate, but there's always someone out there who can top that, please check out Amanda Egge doing the Shiavo..!

We can't help it, but it did put a smile on our sad Faces, we'll surely all go to Hell as soon as they got some spare Fire to burn our Souls, with the current Oil Prices and whatnot!

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As a special Service to satisfy the sadistic needs of our Visitors, we'd like to present to you the two top Events of this Week, life and direct via the Web:

The Popes Funeral
Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles Wedding

Since we can't decide which Event we should consider worthier of your Tears, Sadness and Patronage, we thought we leave it up to you to.

On a personal note, the Wedding seems to be the scarier, more tragic display of the depth of the sickness of the human mind, but who are we to say so, some people do like Bulldogs!

The really, really scary part is that they're still alive and might continue to be for years and years to come...

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Still don't have a Gmail Account, the online Equivalent to the much famed iPod?!

Send us a Mail and we'll return to you an Invitation to the best thing since sliced Bread, for free, nada, zip!

By doing this, we hope to make up for the cruel Joke we played on the Pope (and subsequently killed him) with our heartless attempts to put a smile on your face...we're sorry, we didn't mean to!!!

Life's a Biatch, don't you think!?

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Dear AmsterS@m Visitor,

with Sadness in our Hearts, trembling Lips and Tears in our big, shiny Eyes weīd like to announce the demise of this of tonight 24:00 hours we will take offline and shall not return.

Since this Website has always simply been a secret outlet for our sincere admiration and support for Pope John Paul II. and his world wide Posse of Jesus-Freaks, (which we always considered ourselfes an integral, important part of), slightly covered up by sarcasm, bad jokes and surpressed sexuality to attract and lure the easily impressed into the fangs of Opus Dei and the likes, we do not see any reason to continue with this inhuman experiment.

We will close up Shop and follow the Leader into Nirvana, leaving you out there in the cold without any moral guidance and compassionate compass, because, to be honest we never liked you or cared about you anyways, so please turn off your PC now and move on with your little Life, please donīt come back here, we will not be here anymore and you will have to re-create your existence from Scratch and find some new Strongminded Idiots to follow and imitate!

Hush now, keep surfing, thereīs nothing to see here, go away and leave us alone in our Misery!

And if you believe a single word youīve just read (except for the part where we said we never liked you, weīd never joke about such a serious thing), please check your Calender, Fool, itīs the 1st of April :) !

Phheeewww, that was a close Call, we almost started believing that Crap go to the links page and check out the latest additions to the Pron-Section, you know itīs good 4 U :)) !

And if you have some time and bandwith left, please donīt forget to pay your respect to the mad Folks at our top referer, the good people at ASPONIRC

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