April 2K4

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Thursday, April 29th 2004, 22:22, my Neighbor is getting busted for having a Weedplantation...!!! Check out the Size of the Truck the Cops brought in to clean out his Appartment, voila:
Mmmhhh, considering the average Appartmentsize in good old Amsterdam, I'd say he was also illegally squatting all other Appartments in his Building, they've been throwing out Plants and Equipment for hours already!!
As I write this, I still can hear the loud 'Boom' every time one of the growing lamps or plants explodes into the seemingly infinte Carriage of the Truck, thrown from the 4th floor Window, missing only every other time, to the endless Amusement of the Neighbors that have gathered in the Street...
Yep, those are my Neighbors!
Haven't seen anything like this in a while...! He would've made a loooot of Stoners happy with that Truckload of Weed :) ! And of course the poor People living in his Building were the last ones to find out what has been going on.
More Neighbors!
They were locked inside their Houses all night and couldn't even enjoy the beautiful spring Evening with all us Voyeurs outside! What a Riot...oh, and of course what an exceptional Pleasure and Honor to actually see the dutch Police do their Job, usually you have to carry them Piggie-back after the bad Guys if you want 'em to catch 'em...even if they, like in this Case, come for the wrong Reasons, but that's them all over again!
Hey Officers, is that Weed in your Truck?!

And please don't forget, tomorrow is
Long live the Queen!
Q-Day again (thanks J :)))) !!!

Please pray for Sunshine, thanks to the magic Powers of K.B. from M. in D. it has been raining for 2 years in a row, after happy decades of sunny Queensdays, help us break the Spell, pray for Sunshine over our little Paradise from which she has been practically banned by the AmsterS@m-Q-Day-Weatherservice this year...thanks!!!

Keep an eye on the Photosection, a special Selection will be posted soon!

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Sunday, bloody Sunday...but did you know that Jesus=Hitler!?
And finally, one of the oldest, most complex Problems of Mankind has been resolved!

Btw, just to prove that almost anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, we present:

The Shitty Chat

Anonymous Internet-Slut thinks:My God, what's wrong with these Losers, I bet they can't even get their Dicks out of their freakin' Pants...I guess I'll just seriously Blue-Ball 'em both, Mhuaharhar...

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Since it's the Easter Weekend, and it's all about Resurrection, the fluffy Bunny and such, maybe you'll find this appropriate...and if you simply want to level with all that Pain out there, try this, worked fine for us...even Wireless! :) !

And if you don't mind sinning on the Day the Lord came back to save your sorry Soul, help yourself to some free McAfee Antivirus Software!

Oh Yeah, and this is really some crazy fucked up Shit, surely not your daily Crap!

And please pay close Attention to the astonishing magnitude with which the tilted Position of the Backgroundimage is confusing your tiny Brain into believing that these Textlines are actually skewed...isn't the Power of Illusion still your favourite natural High!?! It's probably not good for your Eyes to stare at this for too long though, so turn off your PC now and go outside. See that huge yellow Fireball in the Sky?? It's called Sun and it's been specifically rendered by the BIG ONE for your Entertainment and Pleasure, enjoy!

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It's April again and Spring seems to be in full swing, the Birds and the Bees, the Flowers and the Trees are all at it again, just sitting on the AmsterS@m-Penthouse-Terrace and witnessing the first fruitful Progress of the Pollination and polite Penetration of the Rays and the Buds and the Roots and all that gets us all poetic and mushy inside :) ! Let there be (Sun)light!!!

And here's the Travel-Tip
of the Month:
Free, Fun AND Safe!! I'd say that would make Israel about the safest Vacation Destination on this Terror-ridden Planet! Let's all move to Tel-Aviv!

A Big 'Thank You' and 'Party On' goes to Sam&Ham, the Cali-Connection, keep on keeping on Dudes, see you in the Summer :) !

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