April 2K3

Over 300 Visitors per Day and counting...simultaniously to the free Western World deciding to come and pay me a Visit, my Domain-Hosting-Company implemented a minor change to the layout of their Service, and disabled the possibiliy to save changes to these pages at the same time, hence the boring same Design for Days now...but there's a nice little workaround, just had to delete and re-create every single page, and no, I'm not mad at them, I just wish we had reached a Matrix-like State already where everything is run by (almost) perfect, infailable Computers...I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that...
Woah, what the Fuck??? Yesterday, instead of the usual 10-20 Visitors, this Site had 110(!) Hits from unique, real-life-Peepz...did ya'll get bored at the same, exact time? These Pages were mainly created with my own Entertainment in Mind, so you hundreds of Bandwith-hungry, Time-wasting Sufer-Dudes&Dudettes out there, tell me if there's something missing that should be here but isn't, and I'll make sure it stays that way :) !

BTW: This Week Wednesday is the famous Queensday in the Netherlands, come and get wasted!
I know you heard this before, but when I was slippin'& slidin', floatin'& ridin' on my loyal, trustworthy, old Bike through the ritual Monday-morning-Rain-Storm towards my Workplace today, I couldn't help but mumble to myself:'God, I really HATE Mondays'...not that it helps though...

On a more serious Note:
I seem to have developed the rare Talent of Mind-Control over other Beings, after having witnessed how FromBoise I., the official and unique AmsterS@m-Goldfish, left this World for the eternal Lakes upstairs, just 2 Days after I've snapped at him when he, as usually, Butt-Kicked FromToi, the younger, new Fish (that I've bought only a few Weeks ago, after having dreamt of having bought a new Fish, significant, he :), out of his Way to the Food that he should 'eat it all up and die chocking, you fucking fat-ass Fish'...I'm still speechless, and it wasn't funny @ all, he was my favourite, I'll miss his silent, content way of sharing his 7-Second-Memoryspan through happy winks and smiles...hope they got enough of those floatable Tetra AniMin Sticks you loved so much up there in the Big Lake...take care little, yellowish Buddy :( !
Actually he was just sick and passed away, but it gives the whole Story a sort of 'Twillight-Zonish'-Tint that he did so after I told him to...you better be nice with me!
Hope you like the new Spring-Design, born out of an Oversupply of Coffee and understimulated Cerebral Areas, on an otherwise stormy, rainy Sundaymorning, considerably influenced by this, this, and surely this...
So, now that we got that Easter-Stuff behind us, we got some time to focus on the real burning issues! I've had a really good Idea for a Short-Story yesterday, inspired by the Dooms-Day-Scenarios that are unfolding daily before my very Eyes&Ears, during these extremely interesting, challenging and veeery fucked up Times we've been having recently, keep an Eye on the Menu to the Left for more :) !
Ahhh, ain't nothin like good old Sunday, is there?
Put on some more Coffee and watch me changing the Design of the Site as it pleases me, and hopefully you (if you're a Pron-loving, smut-handed Retard, who still occassionaly likes to pretend being interested in marginably tangible World-Inicidential-Structural-Evaluations, go away, this is a religiously motivated Website!)...or if you just got more Bandwith then you can burn up with that High-Speed-ADSL-Modem your Kids/Peers/Parole-Officer talked you into installing (and still not knowing what use to make of, besides idly hoovering over stupid Webpages like the currently loaded one), and if you're one of those "Next-Generation-Born-with-ID-Chip-and-instantly-higly-technicaly-nerded-Whizz-Kids" you've probably fallen asleep from all this 'Text' Stuff already, due to your short Attention-Span, sweet Dreams...oh, yeah, and Happy Easter :) !!!
So, the War's over, the New World Order has been implemented in the formerly unfree Arab World and Freedom is Slavery, while Slavery is Freedom...get it? You must surely feel a lot better already! Now one question remains...who's next? Wouldn't you agree that those Iranians over there look Oily.., ahem, Guilty of hiding something from the law-abiding Land of the Free, Home of the Slave, eh, Brave? Excuse my English, I'm an 'Old European' :) !
What the Fuck happened? Is this it?
Where are all those promised thousands of Suicide-Bombers? What happened to all those Super-Ultra-Killer-Special-Republican-Guard-Uebermenschen, armed with the most lethal ABC-Weapons money can buy in the United States, that were supposed to involve those poor G.I. Joe's, so far away from Home, in the deadliest House-to-House-Fighting since they had their Asses kicked out of good old Vietnam by a Bunch of little yellow Guys in Pyjamas?
Too busy looting their own Neighborhood?

And here's my Contribution to the 21st-Century Multimedia-online-Society, the AmsterS@m Downloads of the Day:
Moby Dick
Here's some weird shit that you'd better be aware of ! Not shocked ? Try this one ! Or this one !
But the weirdest shit I've seen today was Steve-o from 'Jackass', he was Live on Dutch TV tonight and he actually stapled his Balls to his left Leg, not without having flashed his Dick and his WeedBag before and smoking a big Joint afterwards, by now with bleeding Balls and Stapler-thingies, well, eh, -staples sticking out of him, quite a Sight, can't wait till it shows up on Kazaa :) !
And for your further Entertainment, here's a Bunch of Iraq-Cams:
Oh, and by the way, stop Surfing, start Swarming !
Wait ! I found something even more disturbing then Steve-o...Welcome to Amsterdam !
Is there anything in this Life that could possibly be more annoying, stressing&depressing, traumatising, karmadisturbing, terrorist-activity-like and through and through EVIL than a bloody freezing-cold Mondaymorning ? Thanks Evolution !
Check out this Report on Fraud and Cheating with Votingmachines in the US, and then stop wondering how G.W.B. became the Guy with the Finger on the Trigger ! And to make sure you never forget what this has caused in the long Run, here's a Reminder from the US Government...

...but shouldn't those Towers be dressed in a Saudi Arabian Flag, or at least Afghanistan's, according to their 'official' 9-11 Storyboard...or are they finally admitting who did it? Try finding the Answer here!

Thank God it's Friday :) !
Last Night I had a Conference-Call with my former Chief-n-Editor, the one&only true 'Dirty Harry', regarding the physical appearance of this Page, and subsequently agreed with him that there's a tendency towards mindless Mediocracy and Boredom, paired with a not-so-slick Design, all geared towards a minimal Stay of innocent Visitors (You) and active Annoyance Aggrevation. Me like..!
This Morning I've noticed a strange Phenomenon: On the Frontpage of the free Paper that you get in the Subway in the Netherlands, the Main-Topic was: Sick Birds ! It seems that Dutch People are more scared of their Chickens catching a Virus then about the End of the World ! I guess they just need a good, relaxing Break !
Weeeeeell, that doesn't look too promising, now does it ? It rather seems that something went terribly fucking wrong ! But then again, who said that Iraqi People are the only ones to die unnecessarily for a Cause they wouldn't even want to know about!